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Treatment Methods & Tools

I use a combination of treatment methods to help clients learn to take charge of their emotions, thoughts and behaviors so they feel more calm and empowered, including CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to teach clients how to have a more positive mindset, Mindfulness to build healthy coping and problem-solving skills, and Psychodynamic Therapy to identify and resolve past emotional wounds causing problems today. The key to feeling better is learning new calming and coping skills to help you adapt to life changes more easily, and with a more POSITIVE and ACCEPTING attitude. Learning how to take control of your thoughts, emotions and choices improves confidence and relationships, and most people report having less anxiety, depression, relationship and self-esteem problems after therapy.

I love to work with clients of all ages, especially around issues of anxiety, depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, poor self-confidence, and difficult or dysfunctional family relationships. I have skills and experience helping clients navigate relationships, teaching them to discern between "safe" and "unsafe" people, how to avoid toxic relationships and embrace healthy ones, and increasing assertiveness and self-confidence to help you attract healthy relationships and get unstuck from being treated abusively by others. I also have helped many people dramatically reduce their anxiety and OCD problems and take their lives back from a prison of constant intrusive negative thoughts! I can help you gain freedom and relief by teaching you a super effective 4-step treatment method.

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